Division 3
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Dolly Purple20162240627013688
Supreme Pink2015233622729085
The Riggers NC2012352942504475
Liverpool Vets20929229257-2856
Dolly Gold209011321339-1854
Wirral Gems B205510343376-3349
Arena Flame204214281347-6639
Dolly Blue204214235301-6638
All Stars Ladies B202117229383-15424
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
03 September 2018
All Stars Ladies B5 v 19Dolly Purple
Scorpio19 v 20Eastham
Supreme Pink14 v 9Dolly Blue
Wirral Gems B15 v 25Dolly Gold
10 September 2018
All Stars Ladies B13 v 24Dolly Gold
Arena Flame14 v 13Dolly Blue
The Riggers NC15 v 15Supreme Pink
Wirral Gems B16 v 30Scorpio
17 September 2018
All Stars Ladies B21 v 13Arena Flame
Dolly Blue17 v 17Scorpio
Dolly Gold17 v 26Dolly Purple
Wirral Gems B12 v 15Supreme Pink
24 September 2018
Arena Flame8 v 18Supreme Pink
Scorpio16 v 16Dolly Purple
The Riggers NC21 v 8All Stars Ladies B
Wirral Gems B13 v 13Liverpool Vets
01 October 2018
Arena Flame17 v 27Scorpio
Dolly Gold15 v 19Eastham
Liverpool Vets14 v 23Dolly Purple
The Riggers NC17 v 13Dolly Blue
08 October 2018
Dolly Blue11 v 14Dolly Gold
Dolly Purple15 v 18Supreme Pink
Eastham17 v 9Liverpool Vets
Scorpio27 v 11All Stars Ladies B
Wirral Gems B25 v 10Arena Flame
15 October 2018
All Stars Ladies B8 v 16Dolly Blue
Arena Flame10 v 16Liverpool Vets
The Riggers NC22 v 12Dolly Gold
Wirral Gems B21 v 30Dolly Purple
29 October 2018
Arena Flame11 v 11Eastham
Dolly Blue8 v 19Dolly Purple
Dolly Gold14 v 18Supreme Pink
Liverpool Vets19 v 5All Stars Ladies B
The Riggers NC23 v 15Scorpio
05 November 2018
Dolly Blue14 v 22Wirral Gems B
Dolly Gold25 v 22Scorpio
Eastham14 v 19Dolly Purple
The Riggers NC16 v 17All Stars Ladies B
12 November 2018
All Stars Ladies B11 v 17Supreme Pink
Arena Flame22 v 24Scorpio
Dolly Blue11 v 18Eastham
Dolly Gold8 v 17Liverpool Vets
The Riggers NC19 v 18Wirral Gems B
19 November 2018
Dolly Gold16 v 26Supreme Pink
Eastham12 v 13Liverpool Vets
The Riggers NC12 v 18Dolly Purple
Wirral Gems B24 v 18Arena Flame
26 November 2018
Arena Flame21 v 18Dolly Purple
Dolly Blue16 v 17Dolly Gold
Eastham17 v 19Supreme Pink
The Riggers NC10 v 10Liverpool Vets
03 December 2018
All Stars Ladies B17 v 21Eastham
Arena Flame11 v 14Liverpool Vets
Scorpio27 v 20Supreme Pink
The Riggers NC16 v 12Dolly Gold
Wirral Gems B17 v 16Dolly Blue
10 December 2018
Dolly Gold21 v 14All Stars Ladies B
Dolly Purple16 v 14Supreme Pink
Eastham18 v 18Wirral Gems B
Liverpool Vets17 v 22Scorpio
17 December 2018
Dolly Blue15 v 0Liverpool Vets
Dolly Gold8 v 11Eastham
The Riggers NC7 v 9Dolly Purple
Wirral Gems B17 v 17All Stars Ladies B
07 January 2019
All Stars Ladies B15 v 24Scorpio
Arena Flame14 v 10Dolly Gold
Liverpool Vets12 v 20Dolly Gold
Supreme Pink16 v 7Dolly Blue
Wirral Gems B13 v 27Dolly Purple
14 January 2019
Arena Flame16 v 23Dolly Purple
Dolly Blue4 v 14Scorpio
Eastham12 v 21Supreme Pink
The Riggers NC8 v 4Liverpool Vets
21 January 2019
All Stars Ladies B9 v 13Dolly Blue
Arena Flame13 v 15The Riggers NC
Liverpool Vets14 v 13Supreme Pink
Scorpio20 v 17Eastham
Wirral Gems B9 v 21Dolly Gold
28 January 2019
All Stars Ladies B17 v 22Dolly Purple
Arena Flame16 v 18Supreme Pink
Eastham16 v 15The Riggers NC
Scorpio14 v 28Dolly Purple
Wirral Gems B10 v 17Liverpool Vets
04 February 2019
Arena Flame13 v 17Dolly Gold
Dolly Blue10 v 19Liverpool Vets
The Riggers NC7 v 19Eastham
Wirral Gems B15 v 0All Stars Ladies B
11 February 2019
Arena Flame8 v 11The Riggers NC
Dolly Blue7 v 21Eastham
Dolly Gold17 v 26Dolly Purple
Scorpio15 v 26Supreme Pink
25 February 2019
Arena Flame17 v 17Eastham
Dolly Blue15 v 15Dolly Purple
Liverpool Vets21 v 5All Stars Ladies B
The Riggers NC14 v 12Scorpio
Wirral Gems B25 v 29Supreme Pink
04 March 2019
Arena Flame15 v 10All Stars Ladies B
Dolly Gold8 v 19Scorpio
Eastham20 v 20Wirral Gems B
Liverpool Vets0 v 15Supreme Pink
The Riggers NC16 v 5Dolly Blue
11 March 2019
All Stars Ladies B12 v 19Supreme Pink
Eastham11 v 22Dolly Purple
Liverpool Vets0 v 15Scorpio
The Riggers NC19 v 15Wirral Gems B
18 March 2019
All Stars Ladies B14 v 23Eastham
Arena Flame14 v 15Dolly Blue
Liverpool Vets0 v 15Dolly Purple
The Riggers NC11 v 11Supreme Pink
Wirral Gems B18 v 18Scorpio

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