Division 1
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Leamington B18160289365423983
Ernesford A18140477763014777
Stockton A1813057586827672
Copsewood B1813057687095971
Griff and Coton A189096916494256
Bulkington A188197076921552
Hinckley A188010680736-5651
Rugby Railway A183114624783-15935
Coventry Sphinx A182115653826-17330
Copsewood C182115655845-19029
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
29 September 2018
Copsewood B32 v 31Griff and Coton A
Ernesford A39 v 46Leamington B
Hinckley A38 v 27Bulkington A
Rugby Railway A54 v 49Copsewood C
Stockton A49 v 46Coventry Sphinx A
06 October 2018
Bulkington A34 v 41Coventry Sphinx A
Copsewood C34 v 49Ernesford A
Griff and Coton A45 v 29Stockton A
Hinckley A37 v 32Rugby Railway A
Leamington B45 v 41Copsewood B
13 October 2018
Copsewood B60 v 40Copsewood C
Coventry Sphinx A37 v 42Griff and Coton A
Ernesford A38 v 31Hinckley A
Rugby Railway A36 v 36Bulkington A
Stockton A41 v 35Leamington B
03 November 2018
Bulkington A30 v 44Griff and Coton A
Copsewood C34 v 45Stockton A
Hinckley A38 v 44Copsewood B
Leamington B51 v 43Coventry Sphinx A
Rugby Railway A28 v 32Ernesford A
10 November 2018
Copsewood B60 v 32Rugby Railway A
Coventry Sphinx A37 v 37Copsewood C
Ernesford A42 v 29Bulkington A
Griff and Coton A44 v 51Leamington B
Stockton A55 v 36Hinckley A
17 November 2018
Bulkington A42 v 55Leamington B
Copsewood C28 v 40Griff and Coton A
Ernesford A35 v 37Copsewood B
Hinckley A46 v 32Coventry Sphinx A
Rugby Railway A33 v 40Stockton A
01 December 2018
Copsewood B39 v 31Bulkington A
Coventry Sphinx A42 v 28Rugby Railway A
Griff and Coton A31 v 42Hinckley A
Leamington B44 v 24Copsewood C
Stockton A44 v 39Ernesford A
08 December 2018
Bulkington A44 v 30Copsewood C
Copsewood B43 v 42Stockton A
Ernesford A54 v 41Coventry Sphinx A
Hinckley A35 v 41Leamington B
Rugby Railway A27 v 35Griff and Coton A
15 December 2018
Copsewood C27 v 39Hinckley A
Coventry Sphinx A29 v 48Copsewood B
Griff and Coton A37 v 47Ernesford A
Leamington B45 v 15Rugby Railway A
Stockton A42 v 33Bulkington A
05 January 2019
Bulkington A58 v 36Hinckley A
Copsewood C48 v 36Rugby Railway A
Coventry Sphinx A30 v 39Stockton A
Griff and Coton A39 v 47Copsewood B
Leamington B41 v 43Ernesford A
12 January 2019
Copsewood B44 v 57Leamington B
Coventry Sphinx A43 v 51Bulkington A
Ernesford A53 v 36Copsewood C
Rugby Railway A37 v 42Hinckley A
Stockton A47 v 34Griff and Coton A
19 January 2019
Bulkington A46 v 28Rugby Railway A
Copsewood C45 v 57Copsewood B
Griff and Coton A62 v 34Coventry Sphinx A
Hinckley A37 v 52Ernesford A
Leamington B52 v 29Stockton A
02 February 2019
Copsewood B42 v 38Hinckley A
Coventry Sphinx A36 v 50Leamington B
Ernesford A57 v 40Rugby Railway A
Griff and Coton A30 v 37Bulkington A
Stockton A49 v 40Copsewood C
09 February 2019
Bulkington A22 v 33Ernesford A
Copsewood C51 v 44Coventry Sphinx A
Hinckley A30 v 38Stockton A
Leamington B46 v 34Griff and Coton A
Rugby Railway A46 v 41Copsewood B
02 March 2019
Copsewood B34 v 32Ernesford A
Coventry Sphinx A35 v 48Hinckley A
Griff and Coton A48 v 34Copsewood C
Leamington B52 v 43Bulkington A
Stockton A52 v 50Rugby Railway A
09 March 2019
Bulkington A52 v 36Copsewood B
Copsewood C23 v 47Leamington B
Ernesford A51 v 42Stockton A
Hinckley A25 v 38Griff and Coton A
Rugby Railway A36 v 21Coventry Sphinx A
16 March 2019
Copsewood C32 v 54Bulkington A
Coventry Sphinx A25 v 50Ernesford A
Griff and Coton A31 v 25Rugby Railway A
Leamington B66 v 37Hinckley A
Stockton A40 v 13Copsewood B
23 March 2019
Bulkington A38 v 35Stockton A
Copsewood B50 v 37Coventry Sphinx A
Ernesford A31 v 26Griff and Coton A
Hinckley A45 v 43Copsewood C
Rugby Railway A41 v 69Leamington B

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