Division 4
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Firefox Flames55001991485125
Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels***54102131516220
Ryland Roses5302161173-1217
Alcester Clubs5212170177-715
Jaguar Netball52031431321114
Henley Hotshots52031681472113
Firefox Kingsley5104131209-788
The Swans5005154202-487
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
01 April 2019
Firefox Flames40 v 27Ryland Roses
Firefox Kingsley37 v 33The Swans
Henley Hotshots29 v 21Jaguar Netball
Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels45 v 45Alcester Clubs
08 April 2019
Firefox Kingsley26 v 42Firefox Flames
Henley Hotshots23 v 31Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels
Jaguar Netball24 v 27Ryland Roses
The Swans26 v 32Alcester Clubs
29 April 2019
Alcester Clubs39 v 33Henley Hotshots
Firefox Flames43 v 31Jaguar Netball
Ryland Roses38 v 25The Swans
Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels40 v 25Firefox Kingsley
13 May 2019
Alcester Clubs15 v 32Jaguar Netball
Henley Hotshots59 v 25Firefox Kingsley
Ryland Roses28 v 45Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels
The Swans40 v 43Firefox Flames
20 May 2019
Alcester Clubs39 v 41Ryland Roses
Firefox Flames31 v 24Henley Hotshots
Jaguar Netball35 v 18Firefox Kingsley
Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels52 v 30The Swans
03 June 2019
Firefox Flames  v  Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels
Firefox Kingsley  v  Alcester Clubs
Henley Hotshots  v  Ryland Roses
The Swans  v  Jaguar Netball
10 June 2019
Alcester Clubs  v  Firefox Flames
Jaguar Netball  v  Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels
Ryland Roses  v  Firefox Kingsley
The Swans  v  Henley Hotshots
17 June 2019
Alcester Clubs  v  Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels
Jaguar Netball  v  Henley Hotshots
Ryland Roses  v  Firefox Flames
The Swans  v  Firefox Kingsley
24 June 2019
Alcester Clubs  v  The Swans
Firefox Flames  v  Firefox Kingsley
Ryland Roses  v  Jaguar Netball
Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels  v  Henley Hotshots
01 July 2019
Firefox Kingsley  v  Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels
Henley Hotshots  v  Alcester Clubs
Jaguar Netball  v  Firefox Flames
The Swans  v  Ryland Roses
08 July 2019
Firefox Flames  v  The Swans
Firefox Kingsley  v  Henley Hotshots
Jaguar Netball  v  Alcester Clubs
Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels  v  Ryland Roses
15 July 2019
Firefox Kingsley  v  Jaguar Netball
Henley Hotshots  v  Firefox Flames
Ryland Roses  v  Alcester Clubs
The Swans  v  Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels
22 July 2019
Alcester Clubs  v  Firefox Kingsley
Jaguar Netball  v  The Swans
Ryland Roses  v  Henley Hotshots
Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels  v  Firefox Flames
29 July 2019
Firefox Flames  v  Alcester Clubs
Firefox Kingsley  v  Ryland Roses
Henley Hotshots  v  The Swans
Stratford Thunderbird Kestrels  v  Jaguar Netball

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