Division 6
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Rivington Tornadoes F14140057715342470
Tyldesley Storm14120250821129762
Rivington Twisters G14120240727313460
Seven Star Cannons14707274294-2041
Seven Star Goonies14716321349-2841
The Rowdys14608256300-4435
Westhoughton Warriors D14509209325-11627
Westhoughton Waves E143110174358-18421
Castlehill Phoenix142012164440-27613
St Peters Angels141013212399-18712
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
10 September 2019
Castlehill Phoenix8 v 17Westhoughton Warriors D
Rivington Tornadoes F39 v 1Westhoughton Waves E
Rivington Twisters G13 v 31Tyldesley Storm
11 September 2019
Seven Star Cannons12 v 8The Rowdys
Seven Star Goonies36 v 14St Peters Angels
17 September 2019
Westhoughton Warriors D18 v 16Westhoughton Waves E
18 September 2019
Seven Star Goonies19 v 16Seven Star Cannons
St Peters Angels15 v 27Rivington Twisters G
The Rowdys12 v 40Rivington Tornadoes F
Tyldesley Storm34 v 3Castlehill Phoenix
24 September 2019
Castlehill Phoenix11 v 18The Rowdys
Seven Star Cannons28 v 18Westhoughton Warriors D
Seven Star Goonies26 v 27Rivington Twisters G
St Peters Angels6 v 42Rivington Tornadoes F
Westhoughton Waves E7 v 37Tyldesley Storm
01 October 2019
Rivington Tornadoes F42 v 17Seven Star Goonies
Seven Star Cannons20 v 31Rivington Twisters G
St Peters Angels13 v 16Castlehill Phoenix
Westhoughton Warriors D9 v 41Tyldesley Storm
Westhoughton Waves E9 v 20The Rowdys
09 October 2019
Rivington Tornadoes F53 v 7Castlehill Phoenix
The Rowdys19 v 26Seven Star Goonies
Tyldesley Storm31 v 16Seven Star Cannons
Westhoughton Warriors D27 v 21St Peters Angels
Westhoughton Waves E7 v 25Rivington Twisters G
16 October 2019
Castlehill Phoenix20 v 14Seven Star Cannons
Rivington Twisters G17 v 43Rivington Tornadoes F
Seven Star Goonies20 v 20Westhoughton Waves E
The Rowdys25 v 11Westhoughton Warriors D
Tyldesley Storm45 v 12St Peters Angels
23 October 2019
Rivington Twisters G39 v 8Castlehill Phoenix
The Rowdys20 v 9St Peters Angels
Tyldesley Storm43 v 20Seven Star Goonies
Westhoughton Warriors D0 v 5Rivington Tornadoes F
Westhoughton Waves E14 v 22Seven Star Cannons
29 October 2019
Rivington Twisters G32 v 17The Rowdys
St Peters Angels14 v 23Seven Star Cannons
30 October 2019
Castlehill Phoenix8 v 18Westhoughton Waves E
Rivington Tornadoes F35 v 21Tyldesley Storm
Seven Star Goonies27 v 12Westhoughton Warriors D
05 November 2019
Tyldesley Storm39 v 23The Rowdys
06 November 2019
Castlehill Phoenix23 v 26Seven Star Goonies
Seven Star Cannons18 v 50Rivington Tornadoes F
St Peters Angels12 v 20Westhoughton Waves E
Westhoughton Warriors D17 v 34Rivington Twisters G
19 November 2019
Tyldesley Storm23 v 28Rivington Twisters G
Westhoughton Warriors D29 v 16Castlehill Phoenix
Westhoughton Waves E10 v 42Rivington Tornadoes F
20 November 2019
St Peters Angels18 v 24Seven Star Goonies
The Rowdys9 v 21Seven Star Cannons
26 November 2019
Westhoughton Waves E21 v 15Westhoughton Warriors D
27 November 2019
Castlehill Phoenix10 v 46Tyldesley Storm
Rivington Tornadoes F33 v 20The Rowdys
Rivington Twisters G35 v 13St Peters Angels
Seven Star Cannons25 v 13Seven Star Goonies
15 January 2020
Castlehill Phoenix5 v 57Rivington Tornadoes F
Rivington Twisters G40 v 10Westhoughton Waves E
Seven Star Cannons18 v 33Tyldesley Storm
Seven Star Goonies28 v 13The Rowdys
St Peters Angels19 v 20Westhoughton Warriors D
22 January 2020
Rivington Tornadoes F  v  Rivington Twisters G
Seven Star Cannons  v  Castlehill Phoenix
St Peters Angels  v  Tyldesley Storm
Westhoughton Warriors D  v  The Rowdys
Westhoughton Waves E  v  Seven Star Goonies
29 January 2020
Castlehill Phoenix  v  Rivington Twisters G
Rivington Tornadoes F  v  Westhoughton Warriors D
Seven Star Cannons  v  Westhoughton Waves E
Seven Star Goonies  v  Tyldesley Storm
St Peters Angels  v  The Rowdys
04 February 2020
The Rowdys  v  Rivington Twisters G
05 February 2020
Seven Star Cannons  v  St Peters Angels
Tyldesley Storm  v  Rivington Tornadoes F
Westhoughton Warriors D  v  Seven Star Goonies
Westhoughton Waves E  v  Castlehill Phoenix
11 February 2020
The Rowdys  v  Tyldesley Storm
12 February 2020
Rivington Tornadoes F  v  Seven Star Cannons
Rivington Twisters G  v  Westhoughton Warriors D
Seven Star Goonies  v  Castlehill Phoenix
Westhoughton Waves E  v  St Peters Angels
03 December 2020
Rivington Tornadoes F51 v 6St Peters Angels
Rivington Twisters G32 v 26Seven Star Goonies
The Rowdys36 v 16Castlehill Phoenix
Tyldesley Storm44 v 8Westhoughton Waves E
Westhoughton Warriors D7 v 24Seven Star Cannons
10 December 2020
Castlehill Phoenix13 v 40St Peters Angels
Rivington Twisters G27 v 17Seven Star Cannons
Seven Star Goonies13 v 45Rivington Tornadoes F
The Rowdys16 v 13Westhoughton Waves E
Tyldesley Storm40 v 9Westhoughton Warriors D

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