Championship Division 2
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Darwen Netball Club550036220515725
Ribble Valley6402286291-522
Tameside NC6303296346-5018
Trafford Seniors5203219229-1014
YWCA Bury5203187228-4113
City of Manchester NC4103152155-39
Denton Netball Club***4004138167-291
Northwich Sapphires300397196-991
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
22 September 2019
Chester45 v 29Trafford Seniors
City of Manchester NC35 v 46Ribble Valley
Darwen Netball Club62 v 44YWCA Bury
DNA48 v 55Tameside NC
20 October 2019
Ribble Valley51 v 58Chester
Tameside NC48 v 38City of Manchester NC
Trafford Seniors44 v 63Darwen Netball Club
YWCA Bury  v  Denton Netball Club
10 November 2019
Chester62 v 37Tameside NC
Darwen Netball Club73 v 44Ribble Valley
Denton Netball Club38 v 47Trafford Seniors
DNA  v  Northwich Sapphires
17 November 2019
Northwich Sapphires25 v 46City of Manchester NC
Ribble Valley53 v 43Denton Netball Club
Tameside NC36 v 85Darwen Netball Club
Trafford Seniors61 v 43YWCA Bury
08 December 2019
Chester71 v 35Northwich Sapphires
City of Manchester NC33 v 36DNA
Denton Netball Club57 v 67Tameside NC
YWCA Bury44 v 52Ribble Valley
19 January 2020
DNA27 v 62Chester
Northwich Sapphires37 v 79Darwen Netball Club
Ribble Valley40 v 38Trafford Seniors
Tameside NC53 v 56YWCA Bury
09 February 2020
Chester  v  City of Manchester NC
Darwen Netball Club  v  DNA
Denton Netball Club  v  Northwich Sapphires
Trafford Seniors  v  Tameside NC
01 March 2020
City of Manchester NC  v  Darwen Netball Club
DNA  v  Denton Netball Club
Northwich Sapphires  v  YWCA Bury
Tameside NC  v  Ribble Valley
15 March 2020
Darwen Netball Club  v  Chester
Denton Netball Club  v  City of Manchester NC
Trafford Seniors  v  Northwich Sapphires
YWCA Bury  v  DNA
29 March 2020
Chester  v  Denton Netball Club
City of Manchester NC  v  YWCA Bury
DNA  v  Trafford Seniors
Northwich Sapphires  v  Ribble Valley
26 April 2020
Denton Netball Club  v  Darwen Netball Club
Ribble Valley  v  DNA
Tameside NC  v  Northwich Sapphires
Trafford Seniors  v  City of Manchester NC
YWCA Bury  v  Chester

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