Division 2
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Tiffin B54011541332122
Seymours A53112131902319
The Downs5311195201-619
Teddington Swans52121921781417
Reigate A5203185176916
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
14 September 2019
Berries30 v 42Teddington Swans
Cumberland44 v 33Seymours A
Reigate A42 v 30Nonsuch
The Downs36 v 33Tiffin B
28 September 2019
Cumberland40 v 36Berries
Nonsuch45 v 45The Downs
Seymours A41 v 41Teddington Swans
Tiffin B32 v 28Reigate A
12 October 2019
Nonsuch41 v 46Cumberland
Reigate A41 v 42The Downs
Seymours A40 v 33Berries
Teddington Swans36 v 40Tiffin B
26 October 2019
Cumberland40 v 43Reigate A
Nonsuch35 v 49Seymours A
The Downs35 v 32Teddington Swans
Tiffin B  v  Berries
09 November 2019
Berries32 v 31Reigate A
Teddington Swans41 v 32Nonsuch
The Downs37 v 50Seymours A
Tiffin B49 v 33Cumberland
23 November 2019
Cumberland  v  The Downs
Nonsuch  v  Berries
Reigate A  v  Teddington Swans
Seymours A  v  Tiffin B
07 December 2019
Berries  v  The Downs
Cumberland  v  Teddington Swans
Nonsuch  v  Tiffin B
Reigate A  v  Seymours A
11 January 2020
Nonsuch  v  Reigate A
Seymours A  v  Cumberland
Teddington Swans  v  Berries
Tiffin B  v  The Downs
25 January 2020
Berries  v  Cumberland
Reigate A  v  Tiffin B
Teddington Swans  v  Seymours A
The Downs  v  Nonsuch
08 February 2020
Berries  v  Seymours A
Cumberland  v  Nonsuch
The Downs  v  Reigate A
Tiffin B  v  Teddington Swans
22 February 2020
Berries  v  Tiffin B
Reigate A  v  Cumberland
Seymours A  v  Nonsuch
Teddington Swans  v  The Downs
14 March 2020
Cumberland  v  Tiffin B
Nonsuch  v  Teddington Swans
Reigate A  v  Berries
Seymours A  v  The Downs
28 March 2020
Berries  v  Nonsuch
Teddington Swans  v  Reigate A
The Downs  v  Cumberland
Tiffin B  v  Seymours A
18 April 2020
Seymours A  v  Reigate A
Teddington Swans  v  Cumberland
The Downs  v  Berries
Tiffin B  v  Nonsuch

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