League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Melton Gold990035724910862.5
TFC 870129718810953
Blaby Netball 28503220213740
University of Leicester A83142592362337.5
Charnwood Rutland 19405262284-2235.5
Hawks White9315256293-3735
Knighton 39207213282-6926
Team Vend10109250369-11920.5
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
24 September 2019
Blaby Netball 220 v 31Melton Gold
Charnwood Rutland 125 v 20Knighton 3
TFC 49 v 17Team Vend
01 October 2019
Hawks White33 v 24Charnwood Rutland 1
Knighton 320 v 30TFC
08 October 2019
Knighton 329 v 36Hawks White
Melton Gold41 v 31Charnwood Rutland 1
Team Vend20 v 32Blaby Netball 2
TFC 38 v 32University of Leicester A
22 October 2019
Blaby Netball 216 v 38TFC
Melton Gold48 v 32Hawks White
Team Vend35 v 21Knighton 3
University of Leicester A43 v 21Charnwood Rutland 1
29 October 2019
Blaby Netball 227 v 23Hawks White
Melton Gold40 v 25Knighton 3
Team Vend19 v 35University of Leicester A
TFC 37 v 26Charnwood Rutland 1
05 November 2019
Charnwood Rutland 128 v 23Blaby Netball 2
Hawks White31 v 28Team Vend
Melton Gold  v  TFC
University of Leicester A  v  Knighton 3
12 November 2019
Charnwood Rutland 134 v 22Team Vend
Hawks White19 v 45TFC
Knighton 318 v 30Blaby Netball 2
University of Leicester A24 v 32Melton Gold
19 November 2019
Charnwood Rutland 134 v 24University of Leicester A
Hawks White25 v 32Melton Gold
Knighton 333 v 28Team Vend
TFC 29 v 35Blaby Netball 2
26 November 2019
Charnwood Rutland 1  v  TFC
Hawks White  v  Blaby Netball 2
Knighton 323 v 37Melton Gold
University of Leicester A42 v 25Team Vend
03 December 2019
Hawks White36 v 36University of Leicester A
Melton Gold55 v 30Team Vend
21 January 2020
Blaby Netball 237 v 26Team Vend
Knighton 324 v 21Hawks White
Melton Gold41 v 39Charnwood Rutland 1
University of Leicester A23 v 31TFC
28 January 2020
Blaby Netball 2  v  Knighton 3
Melton Gold  v  University of Leicester A
Team Vend  v  Charnwood Rutland 1
TFC   v  Hawks White
04 February 2020
Knighton 3  v  Charnwood Rutland 1
Melton Gold  v  Blaby Netball 2
Team Vend  v  TFC
University of Leicester A  v  Hawks White
11 February 2020
Blaby Netball 2  v  University of Leicester A
Charnwood Rutland 1  v  Hawks White
Team Vend  v  Melton Gold
TFC   v  Knighton 3
25 February 2020
Blaby Netball 2  v  Charnwood Rutland 1
Knighton 3  v  University of Leicester A
Team Vend  v  Hawks White
TFC   v  Melton Gold
03 March 2020
University of Leicester A  v  Blaby Netball 2

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