Premier A
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Claygate A1410046975651.2313257
Alpha A1410045364821.115454
Rushmoor A149056335741.105950
Cobham A148066135531.116046
Pleiades A144285176350.81-11835
Tiffin A***1440105275960.88-6933
Whytleafe A1421115696980.82-12926
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
11 September 2010
Alpha A39 v 35Pleiades A
Claygate A50 v 40Cobham A
Tiffin A31 v 51Omega
Whytleafe A37 v 49Rushmoor A
25 September 2010
Claygate A49 v 40Alpha A
Cobham A57 v 39Whytleafe A
Omega49 v 40Rushmoor A
Tiffin A38 v 43Pleiades A
09 October 2010
Pleiades A33 v 31Omega
Rushmoor A31 v 41Alpha A
Tiffin A28 v 35Cobham A
Whytleafe A55 v 49Claygate A
23 October 2010
Alpha A49 v 44Whytleafe A
Omega41 v 48Cobham A
Rushmoor A51 v 35Pleiades A
Tiffin A38 v 52Claygate A
13 November 2010
Alpha A50 v 33Tiffin A
Claygate A36 v 40Pleiades A
Cobham A66 v 46Rushmoor A
Omega57 v 45Whytleafe A
27 November 2010
Alpha A29 v 27Omega
Pleiades A20 v 49Cobham A
Rushmoor A46 v 43Claygate A
Whytleafe A44 v 47Tiffin A
11 December 2010
Alpha A50 v 35Cobham A
Omega37 v 36Claygate A
Rushmoor A63 v 31Tiffin A
Whytleafe A47 v 44Pleiades A
08 January 2011
Cobham A42 v 54Claygate A
Omega34 v 33Tiffin A
Pleiades A26 v 39Alpha A
Rushmoor A45 v 35Whytleafe A
22 January 2011
Alpha A36 v 45Claygate A
Pleiades A40 v 37Tiffin A
Rushmoor A42 v 32Omega
Whytleafe A33 v 60Cobham A
12 February 2011
Alpha A34 v 43Rushmoor A
Claygate A57 v 40Whytleafe A
Cobham A39 v 34Tiffin A
Omega38 v 38Pleiades A
26 February 2011
Claygate A42 v 39Tiffin A
Cobham A39 v 43Omega
Pleiades A32 v 46Rushmoor A
Whytleafe A26 v 33Alpha A
12 March 2011
Pleiades A42 v 74Claygate A
Rushmoor A45 v 22Cobham A
Tiffin A32 v 24Alpha A
Whytleafe A32 v 41Omega
26 March 2011
Claygate A67 v 45Rushmoor A
Cobham A56 v 35Pleiades A
Omega31 v 37Alpha A
Tiffin A56 v 38Whytleafe A
09 April 2011
Claygate A43 v 25Omega
Cobham A25 v 35Alpha A
Pleiades A54 v 54Whytleafe A
Tiffin A50 v 41Rushmoor A

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