Division 1
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Ryland Seniors***1313006973352.0836267
Redditch Diamonds1410046424941.3014855
Lodge Park 1149056535521.1810151
Blackbirds Majors***138055764541.2712248
Blazin Angels***136075536690.83-11630
Ryland Juniors A***135174364910.89-5519
OB's Arrows1410134167020.59-28616
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
05 September 2010
Blackbirds Majors23 v 61Ryland Seniors
Kingsley0 v 0Ryland Juniors A
Lodge Park 153 v 32Blazin Angels
Redditch Diamonds59 v 14OB's Arrows
19 September 2010
Kingsley21 v 48Blackbirds Majors
OB's Arrows25 v 44Lodge Park 1
Redditch Diamonds67 v 44Blazin Angels
Ryland Seniors42 v 10Ryland Juniors A
03 October 2010
Blazin Angels30 v 65Blackbirds Majors
OB's Arrows34 v 31Kingsley
Ryland Juniors A45 v 42Lodge Park 1
Ryland Seniors54 v 42Redditch Diamonds
17 October 2010
Blackbirds Majors54 v 39OB's Arrows
Kingsley30 v 42Blazin Angels
Lodge Park 142 v 65Ryland Seniors
Redditch Diamonds44 v 32Ryland Juniors A
31 October 2010
Blackbirds Majors34 v 40Lodge Park 1
Blazin Angels  v 25Ryland Seniors
Redditch Diamonds50 v 22Kingsley
Ryland Juniors A53 v 34OB's Arrows
14 November 2010
Blackbirds Majors25 v  Ryland Juniors A
Kingsley19 v 47Ryland Seniors
Lodge Park 142 v 59Redditch Diamonds
OB's Arrows39 v 47Blazin Angels
28 November 2010
Lodge Park 155 v 27Kingsley
Redditch Diamonds32 v 41Blackbirds Majors
Ryland Juniors A63 v 31Blazin Angels
Ryland Seniors84 v 23OB's Arrows
12 December 2010
Blazin Angels48 v 78Lodge Park 1
OB's Arrows32 v 55Redditch Diamonds
Ryland Juniors A53 v 17Kingsley
Ryland Seniors62 v 22Blackbirds Majors
09 January 2011
Blackbirds Majors40 v 14Kingsley
Blazin Angels46 v 50Redditch Diamonds
Lodge Park 149 v 27OB's Arrows
Ryland Juniors A15 v 28Ryland Seniors
23 January 2011
Blackbirds Majors43 v 49Blazin Angels
Kingsley39 v 29OB's Arrows
Lodge Park 148 v 44Ryland Juniors A
Redditch Diamonds26 v 47Ryland Seniors
06 February 2011
Blazin Angels40 v 30Kingsley
OB's Arrows18 v 52Blackbirds Majors
Ryland Juniors A23 v 44Redditch Diamonds
Ryland Seniors50 v 32Lodge Park 1
20 February 2011
Kingsley21 v 39Redditch Diamonds
Lodge Park 135 v 42Blackbirds Majors
OB's Arrows32 v 44Ryland Juniors A
Ryland Seniors48 v 37Blazin Angels
06 March 2011
Blazin Angels57 v 41OB's Arrows
Redditch Diamonds39 v 43Lodge Park 1
Ryland Juniors A17 v 54Blackbirds Majors
Ryland Seniors50 v 15Kingsley
20 March 2011
Blackbirds Majors33 v 36Redditch Diamonds
Blazin Angels50 v 37Ryland Juniors A
Kingsley15 v 50Lodge Park 1
OB's Arrows29 v 34Ryland Seniors

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