Division 1
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Ryland Seniors1111006513481.8730355
Blackbirds Majors118035344531.188143
Redditch Diamonds125074925500.89-5833
Ryland A***136075104821.062832
Blazin Angels114074415610.79-12026
Lodge Park 1112093794940.77-11519
OB Arrows1400143287210.45-3938
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
04 September 2011
Blazin Angels38 v 65Redditch
Lodge Park 127 v 62Ryland Seniors
OB Arrows11 v 62Blackbirds Majors
Ryland A41 v 47Redditch Diamonds
18 September 2011
Blackbirds Majors52 v 39Ryland A
Nemesis65 v 11OB Arrows
Redditch Diamonds50 v 40Lodge Park 1
Ryland Seniors52 v 31Blazin Angels
02 October 2011
Blazin Angels31 v 52Ryland A
Redditch49 v 11OB Arrows
Redditch Diamonds46 v 57Blackbirds Majors
Ryland Seniors71 v 32Nemesis
09 October 2011
Blackbirds Majors29 v 59Ryland Seniors
Nemesis36 v 41Redditch
OB Arrows26 v 47Blazin Angels
Ryland A64 v 25Lodge Park 1
16 October 2011
Blackbirds Majors48 v 31Nemesis
Redditch53 v 31Lodge Park 1
Redditch Diamonds41 v 40OB Arrows
Ryland Seniors54 v 37Ryland A
30 October 2011
Lodge Park 129 v 40Blazin Angels
Nemesis55 v 24Redditch Diamonds
OB Arrows17 v 58Ryland Seniors
Ryland A46 v 47Redditch
13 November 2011
Blazin Angels34 v 49Nemesis
Lodge Park 155 v 30OB Arrows
Redditch58 v 33Blackbirds Majors
Ryland Seniors59 v 32Redditch Diamonds
20 November 2011
Blackbirds Majors61 v 49Blazin Angels
Nemesis41 v 40Lodge Park 1
OB Arrows29 v 52Ryland A
Redditch Diamonds41 v 58Redditch
27 November 2011
Blazin Angels56 v 41Redditch Diamonds
Lodge Park 136 v 52Blackbirds Majors
Redditch  v  Ryland Seniors
Ryland A45 v 41Nemesis
11 December 2011
Blackbirds Majors43 v 26OB Arrows
Redditch76 v 33Blazin Angels
Redditch Diamonds41 v 42Ryland A
Ryland Seniors41 v 36Lodge Park 1
08 January 2012
Blackbirds Majors50 v 55Ryland A
Nemesis64 v 26OB Arrows
Redditch Diamonds42 v 34Lodge Park 1
Ryland Seniors73 v 42Blazin Angels
22 January 2012
Blackbirds Majors47 v 43Redditch Diamonds
Nemesis24 v 62Ryland Seniors
OB Arrows20 v 55Redditch
Ryland A37 v 40Blazin Angels
05 February 2012
Blazin Angels  v  OB Arrows
Lodge Park 1  v  Ryland A
Redditch  v  Nemesis
Ryland Seniors  v  Blackbirds Majors
19 February 2012
Lodge Park 1  v  Redditch
Nemesis  v  Blackbirds Majors
OB Arrows21 v 44Redditch Diamonds
Ryland A  v  Ryland Seniors
26 February 2012
Blazin Angels  v  Lodge Park 1
Redditch25 v 0Ryland A
Redditch Diamonds  v  Nemesis
Ryland Seniors60 v 41OB Arrows
04 March 2012
Blackbirds Majors  v  Redditch
Nemesis  v  Blazin Angels
OB Arrows19 v 26Lodge Park 1
Redditch Diamonds  v  Ryland Seniors
18 March 2012
Blazin Angels  v  Blackbirds Majors
Lodge Park 1  v  Nemesis
Redditch  v  Redditch Diamonds
Ryland A  v  OB Arrows
01 April 2012
Blackbirds Majors  v  Lodge Park 1
Nemesis  v  Ryland A
Redditch Diamonds  v  Blazin Angels
Ryland Seniors  v  Redditch

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