Division 8
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Alpha C***1211014462082.1423854
Surrey Panthers129034342341.8520049
Weybridge Vandals B127054902981.6419242
Old Reigations B126063453600.96-1536
Woking Seymours B***125162703100.87-4031
Teddington Tigers***123182114380.48-22719
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
10 September 2011
Alpha C75 v 11Teddington Tigers
Parkside14 v 51Surrey Panthers
Weybridge Vandals B40 v 22Woking Seymours B
24 September 2011
Parkside14 v 43Alpha C
Weybridge Vandals B28 v 33Surrey Panthers
Woking Seymours B34 v 23Old Reigations B
08 October 2011
Parkside9 v 37Old Reigations B
Teddington Tigers23 v 57Weybridge Vandals B
Woking Seymours B13 v 44Surrey Panthers
22 October 2011
Surrey Panthers31 v 16Old Reigations B
Teddington Tigers  v  Woking Seymours B
Weybridge Vandals B19 v 24Alpha C
12 November 2011
Parkside15 v 57Weybridge Vandals B
Surrey Panthers21 v 24Alpha C
Teddington Tigers27 v 38Old Reigations B
26 November 2011
Old Reigations B22 v 43Alpha C
Parkside19 v 29Woking Seymours B
Surrey Panthers  v  Teddington Tigers
10 December 2011
Alpha C50 v 33Woking Seymours B
Parkside27 v 42Teddington Tigers
Weybridge Vandals B28 v 29Old Reigations B
14 January 2012
Surrey Panthers67 v 4Parkside
Teddington Tigers18 v 53Alpha C
Woking Seymours B24 v 33Weybridge Vandals B
28 January 2012
Alpha C  v  Parkside
Old Reigations B29 v 33Woking Seymours B
Surrey Panthers35 v 27Weybridge Vandals B
11 February 2012
Old Reigations B35 v 11Parkside
Surrey Panthers35 v 18Woking Seymours B
Weybridge Vandals B60 v 16Teddington Tigers
25 February 2012
Alpha C52 v 20Weybridge Vandals B
Old Reigations B36 v 27Surrey Panthers
Woking Seymours B28 v 28Teddington Tigers
10 March 2012
Alpha C40 v 28Surrey Panthers
Old Reigations B38 v 32Teddington Tigers
Weybridge Vandals B78 v 5Parkside
24 March 2012
Alpha C42 v 22Old Reigations B
Teddington Tigers14 v 62Surrey Panthers
Woking Seymours B36 v 9Parkside
14 April 2012
Old Reigations B20 v 43Weybridge Vandals B
Teddington Tigers  v  Parkside
Woking Seymours B  v  Alpha C

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