Division 1
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Deeside Demons***1414008784252.0745369
Sharp Ladies1412027644911.5627362
Wrexham Ladies***149057324841.5124850
Hafod Johnstown149056025321.137049
Wrexham Harlequins1440104856750.72-19026
Colwyn Sports***145095246830.77-15924
P & K***1420124287340.58-30615
Deeside Devils1410133877760.50-38913
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
26 September 2011
Hafod Johnstown69 v 27Colwyn Sports
Wrexham Ladies63 v 33Wrexham Harlequins
03 October 2011
Deeside Demons51 v 38Sharp Ladies
P & K39 v 28Deeside Devils
10 October 2011
Colwyn Sports  v  Wrexham Ladies
Deeside Demons71 v 29Wrexham Harlequins
17 October 2011
Deeside Devils19 v 70Sharp Ladies
P & K23 v 40Hafod Johnstown
24 October 2011
P & K32 v 50Colwyn Sports
Wrexham Ladies39 v 49Deeside Demons
31 October 2011
Deeside Devils28 v 52Wrexham Harlequins
Sharp Ladies51 v 38Hafod Johnstown
07 November 2011
Deeside Devils17 v 53Deeside Demons
P & K21 v 60Wrexham Ladies
14 November 2011
Hafod Johnstown52 v 17Wrexham Harlequins
Sharp Ladies60 v 26P & K
21 November 2011
Sharp Ladies53 v 31Colwyn Sports
Wrexham Ladies82 v 16Deeside Devils
28 November 2011
Hafod Johnstown23 v 59Deeside Demons
Wrexham Harlequins46 v 37Colwyn Sports
05 December 2011
Colwyn Sports25 v 83Deeside Demons
Sharp Ladies52 v 48Wrexham Ladies
12 December 2011
Hafod Johnstown50 v 28Deeside Devils
Wrexham Harlequins47 v 32P & K
09 January 2012
Wrexham Harlequins34 v 69Sharp Ladies
Wrexham Ladies56 v 33Hafod Johnstown
16 January 2012
Colwyn Sports49 v 32Deeside Devils
Deeside Demons70 v 27P & K
23 January 2012
Colwyn Sports34 v 46Hafod Johnstown
Wrexham Harlequins36 v 58Wrexham Ladies
30 January 2012
Deeside Devils39 v 33P & K
Sharp Ladies47 v 57Deeside Demons
06 February 2012
Wrexham Harlequins23 v 56Deeside Demons
Wrexham Ladies71 v 32Colwyn Sports
13 February 2012
Hafod Johnstown43 v 26P & K
Sharp Ladies53 v 30Deeside Devils
20 February 2012
Colwyn Sports59 v 25P & K
Deeside Demons49 v 40Wrexham Ladies
27 February 2012
Hafod Johnstown34 v 53Sharp Ladies
Wrexham Harlequins42 v 24Deeside Devils
05 March 2012
Deeside Demons62 v 18Deeside Devils
Wrexham Ladies58 v 35P & K
12 March 2012
Colwyn Sports33 v 56Sharp Ladies
Hafod Johnstown44 v 29Wrexham Harlequins
19 March 2012
Deeside Devils36 v 78Wrexham Ladies
P & K28 v 75Sharp Ladies
26 March 2012
Colwyn Sports59 v 42Wrexham Harlequins
Deeside Demons61 v 32Hafod Johnstown
02 April 2012
Deeside Devils30 v 54Hafod Johnstown
Wrexham Ladies41 v 48Sharp Ladies
16 April 2012
Deeside Demons86 v 29Colwyn Sports
P & K43 v 34Wrexham Harlequins
23 April 2012
Hafod Johnstown44 v 38Wrexham Ladies
Sharp Ladies39 v 21Wrexham Harlequins
30 April 2012
Deeside Devils42 v 59Colwyn Sports
P & K38 v 71Deeside Demons

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