Division 3
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Flames Zimmers16150168244224077
Hares Green16130361441220269
Kites Black16122257541516069
Kites Red16619418444-2644
Thame Tornadoes164012453619-16629
Allblacks Sevens152112437612-17529
Crendon Diamonds***153111319525-20622
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
14 September 2016
Hares Green62 v 21Allblacks Sevens
Kites Black29 v 21Saints
Thame Tornadoes29 v 42Flames Zimmers
21 September 2016
Foxes26 v 37Kites Red
Kites Black21 v 14Crendon Diamonds
Saints20 v 38Hares Green
28 September 2016
Allblacks Sevens27 v 39Thame Tornadoes
Flames Zimmers39 v 26Foxes
Kites Red15 v 15Crendon Diamonds
05 October 2016
Kites Black34 v 24Hares Green
Saints36 v 40Allblacks Sevens
Thame Tornadoes20 v 41Foxes
12 October 2016
Flames Zimmers57 v 14Crendon Diamonds
Kites Black33 v 15Kites Red
Saints43 v 31Thame Tornadoes
19 October 2016
Allblacks Sevens40 v 43Foxes
Flames Zimmers31 v 29Kites Red
Hares Green40 v 13Crendon Diamonds
02 November 2016
Hares Green53 v 24Thame Tornadoes
Kites Black30 v 30Allblacks Sevens
Saints28 v 44Foxes
09 November 2016
Hares Green35 v 22Kites Red
Kites Black34 v 42Flames Zimmers
Saints23 v 28Crendon Diamonds
16 November 2016
Allblacks Sevens22 v 53Flames Zimmers
Foxes38 v 21Crendon Diamonds
Thame Tornadoes38 v 25Kites Red
23 November 2016
Hares Green40 v 24Foxes
Kites Black41 v 27Thame Tornadoes
Saints30 v 48Flames Zimmers
30 November 2016
Allblacks Sevens26 v 28Crendon Diamonds
Kites Black37 v 37Foxes
Saints21 v 25Kites Red
07 December 2016
Allblacks Sevens34 v 31Kites Red
Hares Green30 v 44Flames Zimmers
Thame Tornadoes36 v 21Crendon Diamonds
14 December 2016
Hares Green37 v 25Allblacks Sevens
Kites Black46 v 21Saints
Thame Tornadoes27 v 53Flames Zimmers
11 January 2017
Foxes30 v 26Kites Red
Kites Black38 v 21Crendon Diamonds
Saints22 v 37Hares Green
18 January 2017
Allblacks Sevens25 v 28Thame Tornadoes
Flames Zimmers38 v 24Foxes
Kites Red20 v 13Crendon Diamonds
25 January 2017
Kites Black31 v 32Hares Green
Saints38 v 26Allblacks Sevens
Thame Tornadoes20 v 54Foxes
01 February 2017
Flames Zimmers46 v 23Crendon Diamonds
Kites Black31 v 15Kites Red
Saints34 v 28Thame Tornadoes
08 February 2017
Allblacks Sevens19 v 41Foxes
Flames Zimmers30 v 21Kites Red
Hares Green30 v 23Crendon Diamonds
22 February 2017
Hares Green46 v 26Thame Tornadoes
Kites Black53 v 17Allblacks Sevens
Saints44 v 33Foxes
01 March 2017
Hares Green30 v 26Kites Red
Kites Black36 v 34Flames Zimmers
Saints42 v 19Crendon Diamonds
08 March 2017
Allblacks Sevens33 v 56Flames Zimmers
Foxes35 v 32Crendon Diamonds
Thame Tornadoes27 v 39Kites Red
15 March 2017
Hares Green50 v 24Foxes
Kites Black41 v 27Thame Tornadoes
Saints34 v 36Flames Zimmers
22 March 2017
Allblacks Sevens32 v  Crendon Diamonds
Kites Black40 v 38Foxes
Saints30 v 35Kites Red
29 March 2017
Allblacks Sevens20 v 37Kites Red
Hares Green30 v 33Flames Zimmers
Thame Tornadoes26 v 34Crendon Diamonds

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