Division 5
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Hares Reds14140048621127570
Flames Blazes1411034283349457
Wendover Sparrow Hawks14806361356547
Raggy Dolls Yellow143110343424-8129
Thame Cyclones144010315396-8129
Quainton Sails***13607369378-924
Thame Twisters131012243427-18419
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
14 September 2016
Quainton Sails  v 18Thame Twisters
Raggy Dolls Yellow27 v 34Thame Cyclones
21 September 2016
Southcott12 v 30Hares Reds
Wendover Sparrow Hawks31 v 26Flames Blazes
28 September 2016
Quainton Sails21 v 28Raggy Dolls Yellow
Thame Twisters19 v 33Thame Cyclones
05 October 2016
Hares Reds30 v 13Flames Blazes
Southcott17 v 14Wendover Sparrow Hawks
12 October 2016
Quainton Sails30 v 18Thame Cyclones
Thame Twisters22 v 45Raggy Dolls Yellow
19 October 2016
Hares Reds31 v 9Wendover Sparrow Hawks
Southcott20 v 34Flames Blazes
26 October 2016
Quainton Sails18 v 45Wendover Sparrow Hawks
Raggy Dolls Yellow21 v 25Hares Reds
02 November 2016
Thame Cyclones21 v 27Flames Blazes
Thame Twisters15 v 21Southcott
09 November 2016
Quainton Sails16 v 19Southcott
Raggy Dolls Yellow20 v 30Flames Blazes
16 November 2016
Thame Cyclones19 v 32Hares Reds
Thame Twisters17 v 29Wendover Sparrow Hawks
23 November 2016
Quainton Sails15 v 28Hares Reds
Thame Twisters11 v 34Flames Blazes
30 November 2016
Raggy Dolls Yellow21 v 21Southcott
Thame Cyclones35 v 24Wendover Sparrow Hawks
07 December 2016
Quainton Sails32 v 36Flames Blazes
Thame Twisters10 v 34Hares Reds
14 December 2016
Raggy Dolls Yellow22 v 25Wendover Sparrow Hawks
Thame Cyclones21 v 29Southcott
11 January 2017
Quainton Sails46 v 14Thame Twisters
Raggy Dolls Yellow18 v 32Thame Cyclones
18 January 2017
Southcott15 v 32Hares Reds
Wendover Sparrow Hawks29 v 35Flames Blazes
25 January 2017
Quainton Sails40 v 24Raggy Dolls Yellow
Thame Twisters26 v 18Thame Cyclones
01 February 2017
Hares Reds42 v 20Flames Blazes
Southcott20 v 23Wendover Sparrow Hawks
08 February 2017
Quainton Sails37 v 25Thame Cyclones
Thame Twisters27 v 28Raggy Dolls Yellow
15 February 2017
Hares Reds32 v 17Wendover Sparrow Hawks
Southcott9 v 21Flames Blazes
22 February 2017
Quainton Sails31 v 29Wendover Sparrow Hawks
Raggy Dolls Yellow18 v 45Hares Reds
01 March 2017
Thame Cyclones19 v 37Flames Blazes
Thame Twisters19 v 24Southcott
08 March 2017
Quainton Sails28 v 18Southcott
Raggy Dolls Yellow26 v 36Flames Blazes
15 March 2017
Thame Cyclones7 v 38Hares Reds
Thame Twisters21 v 25Wendover Sparrow Hawks
22 March 2017
Quainton Sails22 v 40Hares Reds
Thame Twisters11 v 43Flames Blazes
29 March 2017
Raggy Dolls Yellow16 v 30Southcott
Thame Cyclones22 v 25Wendover Sparrow Hawks
19 April 2017
Quainton Sails33 v 36Flames Blazes
Thame Twisters13 v 47Hares Reds
26 April 2017
Raggy Dolls Yellow29 v 36Wendover Sparrow Hawks
Thame Cyclones11 v 27Southcott

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