Division 1
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Robin Park1830153284880.67-16021
Skem Stars1830153325500.60-21817
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
11 May 2017
Cougars24 v 18JST
Limited24 v 17Panthers
Skem Stars12 v 28Suregrow
Vixens27 v 37Millstone
Warriors20 v 23Robin Park
18 May 2017
Limited35 v 13Skem Stars
Millstone42 v 22Robin Park
Panthers21 v 36Vixens
Warriors23 v 24JST
25 May 2017
Cougars19 v 36Millstone
JST28 v 17Skem Stars
Limited19 v 21Suregrow
Warriors21 v 25Vixens
01 June 2017
Cougars38 v 27Limited
JST25 v 21Robin Park
Skem Stars19 v 40Vixens
Warriors21 v 28Suregrow
15 June 2017
Cougars37 v 19Skem Stars
Millstone34 v 19Limited
Robin Park15 v 27Suregrow
Warriors30 v 22Panthers
22 June 2017
JST26 v 16Suregrow
Limited29 v 19Robin Park
Panthers18 v 31Millstone
Skem Stars25 v 30Warriors
06 July 2017
Panthers27 v 22JST
Skem Stars20 v 23Robin Park
Vixens27 v 24Suregrow
Warriors23 v 37Cougars
13 July 2017
Cougars16 v 39Suregrow
Millstone25 v 20JST
Panthers18 v 30Skem Stars
Vixens21 v 19Robin Park
20 July 2017
JST18 v 17Cougars
Millstone28 v 19Vixens
Panthers21 v 17Limited
Robin Park16 v 24Warriors
Suregrow31 v 14Skem Stars
27 July 2017
Limited23 v 40Vixens
Panthers17 v 27Suregrow
Robin Park16 v 31Cougars
Warriors25 v 27Millstone
03 August 2017
JST31 v 22Warriors
Robin Park10 v 29Millstone
Skem Stars19 v 37Limited
Vixens36 v 24Panthers
10 August 2017
JST25 v 34Millstone
Robin Park18 v 24Vixens
Skem Stars18 v 17Panthers
Suregrow20 v 18Cougars
17 August 2017
Limited18 v 34Cougars
Robin Park9 v 34JST
Suregrow37 v 17Warriors
Vixens38 v 16Skem Stars
24 August 2017
Cougars27 v 15Panthers
JST21 v 26Vixens
Limited24 v 26Warriors
Millstone25 v 22Suregrow
31 August 2017
Limited17 v 44Millstone
Panthers27 v 34Warriors
Skem Stars19 v 36Cougars
Suregrow20 v 14Robin Park
07 September 2017
Millstone48 v 8Panthers
Robin Park21 v 36Limited
Suregrow16 v 16JST
Warriors29 v 26Skem Stars
14 September 2017
JST24 v 21Limited
Panthers25 v 29Robin Park
Skem Stars23 v 38Millstone
Vixens33 v 27Cougars
21 September 2017
Cougars21 v 27Warriors
JST24 v 17Panthers
Robin Park16 v 20Skem Stars
Suregrow28 v 20Vixens
28 September 2017
Millstone23 v 19Cougars
Skem Stars7 v 28JST
Suregrow19 v 24Limited
Vixens28 v 29Warriors
05 October 2017
Cougars26 v 22Robin Park
Millstone37 v 15Warriors
Suregrow26 v 16Panthers
Vixens36 v 24Limited
12 October 2017
Panthers17 v 27Cougars
Suregrow12 v 35Millstone
Vixens28 v 26JST
Warriors30 v 23Limited
19 October 2017
Limited9 v 38JST
Millstone41 v 15Skem Stars
Robin Park15 v 35Panthers
Vixens18 v 33Cougars

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