Matches this month
Division 1
04 Feb 2013Tameside A25 v 14Avondale 1st
04 Feb 2013Priestnall 1st30 v 37Bramhall 1st
04 Feb 2013Bramhall 2nd30 v 30Flava A
04 Feb 2013Dominoes 1st32 v 10Trafford Red 1
11 Feb 2013Trafford Red 121 v 26Bramhall 2nd
11 Feb 2013Flava A24 v 26Chadwick Blue
11 Feb 2013Avondale 1st12 v 34Dominoes 1st
11 Feb 2013Trafford 1st38 v 27Tameside A
18 Feb 2013Avondale 1st14 v 41Bramhall 1st
18 Feb 2013Bramhall 2nd26 v 36Dominoes 1st
18 Feb 2013Tameside A29 v 34Priestnall 1st
18 Feb 2013Flava A34 v 34Trafford 1st
25 Feb 2013Trafford 1st47 v 24Avondale 1st
25 Feb 2013Priestnall 1st22 v 25Bramhall 2nd
25 Feb 2013Chadwick Blue43 v 19Tameside A
25 Feb 2013Bramhall 1st33 v 23Trafford Red 1
Division 2
04 Feb 2013Tameside B32 v 30Charlestown 1st
04 Feb 2013Chadwick White25 v 17Hyde A
04 Feb 2013Trafford Flava Red17 v 39MP Trafford
04 Feb 2013Dominoes 2nd31 v 31Tameside C
11 Feb 2013Charlestown 1st v Dominoes 2nd
11 Feb 2013MP Trafford40 v 12Dominoes 3rd
11 Feb 2013Trafford 2nd25 v 28Tameside B
11 Feb 2013Tameside C39 v 18Trafford Flava Red
18 Feb 2013Tameside B36 v 36Chadwick White
18 Feb 2013Trafford Flava Red14 v 40Dominoes 2nd
18 Feb 2013Charlestown 1st21 v 29Hyde A
18 Feb 2013MP Trafford34 v 15Trafford 2nd
25 Feb 2013Trafford 2nd3 v 0Charlestown 1st
25 Feb 2013Dominoes 3rd16 v 17Tameside B
25 Feb 2013Hyde A24 v 27Tameside C
25 Feb 2013Chadwick White28 v 26Trafford Flava Red
Division 3
04 Feb 2013Trafford 5th32 v 43Dominoes 4th
04 Feb 2013Flava B22 v 26Hyde B
04 Feb 2013Bramhall 3rd19 v 28Olympia
04 Feb 2013Trafford 3rd36 v 15Trafford 4th
11 Feb 2013Olympia3 v 0Astra 1st
11 Feb 2013Dominoes 4th23 v 23Bramhall 3rd
11 Feb 2013Denton 1st25 v 27Trafford 3rd
11 Feb 2013Trafford 4th28 v 26Trafford 5th
18 Feb 2013Olympia28 v 24Denton 1st
18 Feb 2013Trafford 3rd32 v 19Flava B
18 Feb 2013Trafford 4th21 v 27Hyde B
18 Feb 2013Bramhall 3rd22 v 19Trafford 5th
25 Feb 2013Flava B37 v 23Bramhall 3rd
25 Feb 2013Hyde B36 v 38Dominoes 4th
25 Feb 2013Astra 1st23 v 29Trafford 3rd
25 Feb 2013Denton 1st28 v 35Trafford 4th
Division 4
04 Feb 2013Venus 1st36 v 13Astra 2nd
04 Feb 2013Trafford 7th14 v 30Hyde C
04 Feb 2013Poynton A28 v 23Priestnall 2nd
04 Feb 2013Poynton B19 v 24Trafford 8th
11 Feb 2013Bramhall 4th21 v 35Poynton A
11 Feb 2013Priestnall 2nd34 v 23Poynton B
11 Feb 2013Astra 2nd31 v 34Trafford 6th
11 Feb 2013Trafford 8th20 v 33Venus 1st
18 Feb 2013Astra 2nd24 v 29Bramhall 4th
18 Feb 2013Priestnall 2nd40 v 23Hyde C
18 Feb 2013Venus 1st45 v 10Poynton B
18 Feb 2013Poynton A31 v 16Trafford 7th
25 Feb 2013Trafford 6th29 v 29Poynton A
25 Feb 2013Bramhall 4th27 v 36Priestnall 2nd
25 Feb 2013Hyde C33 v 19Trafford 8th
25 Feb 2013Trafford 7th12 v 20Venus 1st
Division 5
04 Feb 2013Trafford Red 345 v 27Andillion 1st
04 Feb 2013Avondale 2nd17 v 23Dominoes 5th
04 Feb 2013Cheadle 1st15 v 41Holmes Place 1st
04 Feb 2013Denton 2nd14 v 40Tameside D
04 Feb 2013Andillion 2nd13 v 48Trafford Charlestown Red 4
11 Feb 2013Dominoes 5th42 v 19Andillion 2nd
11 Feb 2013Tameside D37 v 17Cheadle 1st
11 Feb 2013Andillion 1st34 v 30Denton 2nd
11 Feb 2013Holmes Place 1st33 v 20Southside 1st
11 Feb 2013Trafford Charlestown Red 420 v 30Trafford Red 3
18 Feb 2013Trafford Red 330 v 8Avondale 2nd
18 Feb 2013Cheadle 1st16 v 28Denton 2nd
18 Feb 2013Andillion 1st32 v 24Dominoes 5th
18 Feb 2013Andillion 2nd22 v 30Southside 1st
18 Feb 2013Holmes Place 1st28 v 22Trafford Charlestown Red 4
25 Feb 2013Trafford Charlestown Red 447 v 28Andillion 1st
25 Feb 2013Denton 2nd44 v 24Andillion 2nd
25 Feb 2013Avondale 2nd25 v 29Cheadle 1st
25 Feb 2013Dominoes 5th23 v 33Tameside D
25 Feb 2013Southside 1st21 v 28Trafford Red 3
Division 6
04 Feb 2013Bramhall 5th22 v 35Denton 3rd
04 Feb 2013Hyde D25 v 25Holmes Place 2nd
04 Feb 2013Venus 3rd23 v 34Poynton C
04 Feb 2013Denton 4th22 v 36Trafford 9th
04 Feb 2013Venus 2nd32 v 21Wilmslow
11 Feb 2013Poynton C25 v 20Bramhall 5th
11 Feb 2013Holmes Place 2nd40 v 16Denton 4th
11 Feb 2013Denton 3rd41 v 24Hyde D
11 Feb 2013Wilmslow3 v 0Priestnall 3rd
11 Feb 2013Trafford 9th29 v 24Venus 2nd
18 Feb 2013Wilmslow16 v 31Denton 3rd
18 Feb 2013Venus 2nd34 v 11Denton 4th
18 Feb 2013Holmes Place 2nd31 v 14Poynton C
18 Feb 2013Bramhall 5th22 v 14Priestnall 3rd
18 Feb 2013Hyde D21 v 27Venus 3rd
25 Feb 2013Denton 4th31 v 15Bramhall 5th
25 Feb 2013Denton 3rd32 v 26Holmes Place 2nd
25 Feb 2013Priestnall 3rd17 v 40Hyde D
25 Feb 2013Poynton C23 v 31Trafford 9th
25 Feb 2013Venus 3rd28 v 33Venus 2nd
Division 7
04 Feb 2013Hyde F25 v 23Cheadle 2nd
04 Feb 2013Hyde G20 v 39Flava Hideaway C
04 Feb 2013Avondale 3rd19 v 26Poynton D
04 Feb 2013Hyde E22 v 24Southside 2nd
04 Feb 2013Holmes Place 3rd16 v 35Trafford Red 5
11 Feb 2013Poynton D16 v 13Holmes Place 3rd
11 Feb 2013Trafford Red 528 v 21Hyde E
11 Feb 2013Southside 2nd34 v 22Hyde F
11 Feb 2013Cheadle 2nd v Hyde G
11 Feb 2013Flava Hideaway C36 v 17Southside 3rd
18 Feb 2013Hyde E41 v 3Avondale 3rd
18 Feb 2013Hyde G24 v 30Hyde F
18 Feb 2013Southside 2nd43 v 14Poynton D
18 Feb 2013Holmes Place 3rd40 v 20Southside 3rd
18 Feb 2013Flava Hideaway C3 v 0Trafford Red 5
25 Feb 2013Poynton D30 v 23Cheadle 2nd
25 Feb 2013Hyde F23 v 12Holmes Place 3rd
25 Feb 2013Southside 3rd13 v 32Hyde E
25 Feb 2013Avondale 3rd21 v 25Hyde G
25 Feb 2013Trafford Red 526 v 11Southside 2nd
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