Matches this month
Division 1
06 Feb 2017Bramhall 1st34 v 29Astra 1st
06 Feb 2017Manchester Flava A33 v 47Manchester MP
06 Feb 2017Bramhall 2nd23 v 34Trafford 1st
06 Feb 2017Manchester Flava B31 v 22Trafford 2nd
13 Feb 2017Trafford 1st38 v 22Bramhall 1st
13 Feb 2017Trafford 2nd23 v 32Bramhall 2nd
13 Feb 2017Manchester Flava B28 v 40Manchester Flava A
13 Feb 2017Tameside A33 v 27Manchester MP
20 Feb 2017Manchester MP3 v 0Astra 1st
20 Feb 2017Bramhall 2nd26 v 48Dominoes 1st
20 Feb 2017Manchester Flava A3 v 0Tameside A
20 Feb 2017Manchester Flava B23 v 28Trafford 1st
27 Feb 2017Dominoes 1st44 v 19Bramhall 1st
27 Feb 2017Manchester Flava A47 v 13Bramhall 2nd
27 Feb 2017Trafford 1st31 v 27Manchester MP
27 Feb 2017Trafford 2nd19 v 40Tameside A
Division 2
06 Feb 2017Tameside C23 v 39Dominoes 2nd
06 Feb 2017Trafford 4th12 v 22Olympia
06 Feb 2017Chadwick Blue21 v 25Priestnall 1st
06 Feb 2017Trafford Red A25 v 31Priestnall 2nd
13 Feb 2017Olympia21 v 32Tameside C
13 Feb 2017Chadwick Blue36 v 17Trafford 3rd
13 Feb 2017Priestnall 2nd42 v 26Trafford 4th
13 Feb 2017Priestnall 1st26 v 21Trafford Red A
20 Feb 2017Trafford Red A25 v 42Dominoes 2nd
20 Feb 2017Tameside C30 v 34Priestnall 1st
20 Feb 2017Chadwick Blue23 v 27Priestnall 2nd
20 Feb 2017Trafford 3rd39 v 20Tameside B
27 Feb 2017Priestnall 1st38 v 32Tameside B
27 Feb 2017Chadwick Blue38 v 20Tameside C
27 Feb 2017Dominoes 2nd3 v 0Trafford 4th
Division 3
06 Feb 2017Denton 2nd30 v 35Chadwick White
06 Feb 2017Bramhall 3rd22 v 31Denton 1st
06 Feb 2017Tameside D29 v 14Holmes Place 1st
06 Feb 2017Poynton A19 v 22Hyde A
06 Feb 2017Trafford 5th31 v 35Manchester Flava C
13 Feb 2017City of Manchester 1st25 v 23Chadwick White
13 Feb 2017Bramhall 3rd37 v 24Denton 2nd
13 Feb 2017Denton 1st44 v 30Poynton A
13 Feb 2017Manchester Flava C30 v 24Tameside D
13 Feb 2017Hyde A34 v 18Trafford 5th
20 Feb 2017Denton 2nd32 v 26City of Manchester 1st
20 Feb 2017Tameside D27 v 31Denton 1st
20 Feb 2017Poynton A21 v 43Holmes Place 1st
20 Feb 2017Bramhall 3rd22 v 20Hyde A
20 Feb 2017Chadwick White29 v 20Manchester Flava C
27 Feb 2017Hyde A29 v 24Chadwick White
27 Feb 2017Denton 1st44 v 39City of Manchester 1st
27 Feb 2017Denton 2nd30 v 39Poynton A
27 Feb 2017Bramhall 3rd20 v 27Tameside D
27 Feb 2017Holmes Place 1st30 v 27Trafford 5th
Division 4
06 Feb 2017Trafford 7th17 v 13Bramhall 4th
06 Feb 2017Chadwick Black23 v 27Denton 4th
06 Feb 2017Trafford Red C0 v 3Hyde B
06 Feb 2017Trafford Red B29 v 22Trafford 6th
13 Feb 2017Bramhall 4th26 v 26Chadwick Black
13 Feb 2017Trafford Red B37 v 22Denton 3rd
13 Feb 2017Hyde B29 v 18Trafford 7th
13 Feb 2017Trafford 6th41 v 18Trafford Red C
20 Feb 2017Denton 3rd15 v 33City of Manchester 2nd
20 Feb 2017Trafford Red C15 v 30Denton 4th
20 Feb 2017Trafford Red B26 v 22Hyde B
20 Feb 2017Chadwick Black32 v 17Trafford 6th
27 Feb 2017Trafford Red B35 v 26Chadwick Black
27 Feb 2017Trafford 6th30 v 22City of Manchester 2nd
27 Feb 2017Denton 4th33 v 25Trafford 7th
27 Feb 2017Denton 3rd32 v 25Trafford Red C
Division 5
06 Feb 2017Poynton B12 v 31Dominoes 3rd
06 Feb 2017Trafford 9th36 v 22Hyde C
06 Feb 2017Trafford 8th33 v 40Southside 1st
06 Feb 2017Bramhall 5th3 v 0Trafford Red D
13 Feb 2017Manchester Flava D18 v 38Dominoes 3rd
13 Feb 2017Bramhall 5th25 v 20Poynton B
13 Feb 2017Hyde C27 v 23Trafford 8th
13 Feb 2017Trafford Red D0 v 3Trafford 9th
20 Feb 2017Trafford 9th14 v 37Andillion 1st
20 Feb 2017Bramhall 5th27 v 18Hyde C
20 Feb 2017Poynton B15 v 17Manchester Flava D
20 Feb 2017Dominoes 3rd50 v 15Southside 1st
27 Feb 2017Hyde C7 v 35Dominoes 3rd
27 Feb 2017Trafford Red D15 v 36Manchester Flava D
27 Feb 2017Andillion 1st27 v 25Trafford 8th
27 Feb 2017Poynton B20 v 21Trafford 9th
Division 6
06 Feb 2017City of Manchester 3rd30 v 16Holmes Place 2nd
06 Feb 2017MMN Rangers33 v 18Poynton C
06 Feb 2017Hyde D12 v 16Southside 2nd
06 Feb 2017Trafford Red E20 v 44Trafford 10th
13 Feb 2017Southside 2nd15 v 18City of Manchester 3rd
13 Feb 2017Trafford 10th28 v 20Hyde D
13 Feb 2017MMN Rangers32 v 13Priestnall 3rd
13 Feb 2017Poynton C33 v 13Trafford Red E
20 Feb 2017Priestnall 3rd23 v 21City of Manchester 4th
20 Feb 2017Trafford Red E19 v 29Holmes Place 2nd
20 Feb 2017City of Manchester 3rd32 v 23Poynton C
20 Feb 2017MMN Rangers42 v 24Trafford 10th
27 Feb 2017MMN Rangers23 v 16City of Manchester 3rd
27 Feb 2017Poynton C14 v 31City of Manchester 4th
27 Feb 2017Holmes Place 2nd21 v 16Hyde D
27 Feb 2017Priestnall 3rd24 v 24Trafford Red E
Division 7
06 Feb 2017Hyde E14 v 15City of Manchester 6th
06 Feb 2017Manchester Flava E0 v 3Poynton D
06 Feb 2017City of Manchester 5th19 v 16Poynton E
06 Feb 2017Dominoes 4th38 v 15Southside 3rd
06 Feb 2017Denton 5th37 v 28Trafford 11th
13 Feb 2017City of Manchester 6th14 v 32City of Manchester 5th
13 Feb 2017Poynton D25 v 29Denton 5th
13 Feb 2017Manchester Flava E16 v 28Dominoes 4th
13 Feb 2017Trafford 11th25 v 10Hyde E
20 Feb 2017Southside 3rd35 v 5City of Manchester 6th
20 Feb 2017City of Manchester 5th30 v 34Poynton D
20 Feb 2017Denton 5th30 v 20Poynton E
20 Feb 2017Manchester Flava E37 v 25Trafford 11th
27 Feb 2017Manchester Flava E33 v 20City of Manchester 5th
27 Feb 2017Dominoes 4th3 v 0Denton 5th
27 Feb 2017Poynton E12 v 3Hyde E
27 Feb 2017Trafford 11th17 v 30Southside 3rd
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