Matches this month
Division 1
04 Nov 2017Capital Nuns A44 v 52Fairlands A
04 Nov 2017Crystal Palace A25 v 30Karisma
04 Nov 2017Hillcrest A51 v 43The Downs
04 Nov 2017Omega A38 v 36Wandsworth A
18 Nov 2017Wandsworth A37 v 22Capital Nuns A
18 Nov 2017Crystal Palace A50 v 48Fairlands A
18 Nov 2017Karisma48 v 57Hillcrest A
18 Nov 2017Omega A34 v 41The Downs
Division 2
04 Nov 2017Lavender Park B56 v 25Alpha A
04 Nov 2017Whyteleafe A44 v 45Chequers A
04 Nov 2017Hillcrest B38 v 36Pleiades A
04 Nov 2017CMO A61 v 41Pleiades B
18 Nov 2017Alpha A31 v 43CMO A
18 Nov 2017Chequers A53 v 33Hillcrest B
18 Nov 2017Lavender Park B61 v 45Pleiades A
18 Nov 2017Whyteleafe A51 v 29Pleiades B
Division 3
04 Nov 2017HS46 v 41Alpha B
04 Nov 2017All Stars41 v 44Fairlands B
04 Nov 2017Roundwood B v Highlanders
04 Nov 2017KCLA Yellow53 v 42Redhill A
18 Nov 2017Alpha B48 v 46All Stars
18 Nov 2017KCLA Yellow41 v 36Fairlands B
18 Nov 2017HS v Highlanders
18 Nov 2017Redhill A53 v 39Roundwood B
Division 4
04 Nov 2017Capital Nuns B53 v 34Bank of England
04 Nov 2017Whyteleafe B28 v 29Chequers B
04 Nov 2017Warren Z A29 v 29Demonettes A
04 Nov 2017Lavender Park C v Wandsworth B
18 Nov 2017Whyteleafe B41 v 34Bank of England
18 Nov 2017Wandsworth B28 v 27Capital Nuns B
18 Nov 2017Lavender Park C v Demonettes A
18 Nov 2017Chequers B32 v 43Warren Z A
Division 5
04 Nov 2017Lifeline A47 v 36Alpha C
04 Nov 2017HSBC37 v 39Fairlands C
04 Nov 2017Warren Z B45 v 36Hillcrest C
04 Nov 2017Wandsworth C43 v 44Redhill B
18 Nov 2017Wandsworth C48 v 34Fairlands C
18 Nov 2017Lifeline A29 v 51Hillcrest C
18 Nov 2017Alpha C31 v 25HSBC
18 Nov 2017Redhill B49 v 36Warren Z B
Division 6
04 Nov 2017Crystal Palace B68 v 30Chequers C
04 Nov 2017Roundwood C31 v 31Saints
04 Nov 2017Croham33 v 38United
04 Nov 2017Phoenix J Black29 v 44Wandsworth D
18 Nov 2017Wandsworth D67 v 43Croham
18 Nov 2017Chequers C29 v 55Roundwood C
18 Nov 2017Phoenix J Black34 v 18Saints
18 Nov 2017Crystal Palace B50 v 43United
Division 7
04 Nov 2017CMO B38 v 32Crickets
04 Nov 2017MPs33 v 26Demonettes B
04 Nov 2017Omega B42 v 24KCLA Red
04 Nov 2017Wandsworth E40 v 35Redhill C
18 Nov 2017KCLA Red29 v 33CMO B
18 Nov 2017Wandsworth E39 v 27Crickets
18 Nov 2017Omega B26 v 20Demonettes B
18 Nov 2017Redhill C23 v 60MPs
Division 8
04 Nov 2017Whyteleafe C36 v 47Chequers D
04 Nov 2017Pleiades C26 v 23Fairlands D
04 Nov 2017Roundwood D50 v 25Hillcrest D
04 Nov 2017Phoenix J Orange39 v 35Selsdon
18 Nov 2017Whyteleafe C32 v 29Fairlands D
18 Nov 2017Phoenix J Orange40 v 33Hillcrest D
18 Nov 2017Selsdon17 v 31Pleiades C
18 Nov 2017Chequers D23 v 29Roundwood D
Division 9
04 Nov 2017Lifeline B49 v 32Chequers E
04 Nov 2017Roundwood E20 v 18Demonettes C
04 Nov 2017Emmanuel Thunder29 v 35Fairlands E
04 Nov 2017Lifeline C26 v 38KCLA Blue
18 Nov 2017Lifeline C23 v 34Demonettes C
18 Nov 2017KCLA Blue32 v 22Emmanuel Thunder
18 Nov 2017Lifeline B38 v 33Fairlands E
18 Nov 2017Chequers E35 v 25Roundwood E
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