Matches this month
Division 1
08 Jan 2020Worthing College66 v 23Farnborough
15 Jan 2020Bay House College11 v 67Farnborough
20 Jan 2020Brock College47 v 40Peter Symonds
22 Jan 2020Bay House College16 v 27Alton College
Division 2
08 Jan 2020Farnborough34 v 43Worthing College
14 Jan 2020Havant and Southdown0 v 20Peter Symonds
15 Jan 2020Bay House College4 v 63Farnborough
20 Jan 2020Brock College13 v 67Peter Symonds
22 Jan 2020Bay House College17 v 17Alton College
22 Jan 2020St Vincent College9 v 41QMC
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